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August 02 2019


Lawyers And Attorneys - The Differences And Similarities

A lawyer is a different from an attorney, who practices law in a court, whereas  lawyer may not practice in a court. To practice in a court, an attorney has to pass a bar exam and get approval to practice law. In other words an attorney is a lawyer, but it is not necessary for a lawyer to be an attorney.

A New York employment lawyer handles all employment disputes, or labor disputes that may or may not be settled in a court. An employment lawyer also works as a mediator, an arbitrator, or uses alternative avenues to resolve the issues without going to court. There are some cases that can be settled outside the court, a lawyer has to look at each aspect of labor law and settle the matter discreetly, without publicity. Sometimes publicity hurts both the employee and the employer. There are many areas of labor laws connected with wrongful terminations, contract disputes, sexual harassment allegations or wage and salary payment issues that can be settled outside the court and one may not need the services of an attorney who has passed the bar examination in the labor law and is authorized to fight a case in the court. Take the example of the personal liability for unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Law. The law says that a person cannot be held responsible for the unpaid wages under FLSA and NY Labor Law even if he is an executive in the company who had the power to hire or fire an employee, only an owner is responsible. The fine details in a case of this kind can be handled only by the employment lawyers who know the labor laws practiced in New York. However, can a simple employment lawyer who is handling a case of this kind fight the case in the courts in New York, no, only a person who is an attorney and has passed the bar exam of the jurisdiction can fight a case of this kind in the court. The best option for a person who wants to file a case under the New York Law is to consult the list of lawyers who are also  New York employment attorneys and select an attorney to appear on his or her behalf.

The fine line that differentiates between a lawyer and an attorney is not very pronounced and is often missed by the general public. A lawyer is educated in law and may or may not give legal advice whereas an attorney has graduated from a law school, but also, has to pass a bar exam. An attorney practicing as an employment attorney in New York has to pass a bar exam in the labor laws, as well as keep up to date on any changes in the New York Labor laws. The New York labor law covers many topics, overtime, minimum wages, severance pay, etc and an employment lawyer or attorney need to major labor laws.


Let The Licensed Electrician New Orleans Help You With Any Job

As a house owner one learns to do small repair jobs around the house without calling professionals. If an electric bulb is burnt, you can replace it easily with another bulb, or if your lawn needs cutting and your bushes have to be pruned, you can easily attend to these chores as well, without calling a professional gardener to do the job.  However, there are some jobs which one must not try to fix, these of jobs need an expert hand of a professional, who knows what to do. If your bulb is flickering you can switch off the main and replace it easily, but if your electric board is on fire or smoking, you should not attempt to do the job yourself. It is prudent to call a professional to do attend to the work.

A person has to be a licensed electrician, undergo training, pass tests, and get a diploma to become a professional to do complicated electrical jobs, big or small.  If you are living in New Orleans, calling a professional becomes easy, dial the number of Licensed electrician New Orleans, and you will be talking to a professional, who listens to your problem and decides what needs to be done. Within a short time an expert electrician will be ringing your doorbell and you can hand over the chore to him without hesitation.  The electrician can attend to any type of problem you are facing, he can set right the lights that are blinking, or sparks that are flying from the plug point, or check the switches, install a new panel or even help you to install a new water heater, or a new cooking range in the kitchen. You no longer have to beg the electricians from the shops, where you have bought the gadget to come and fix it. The friendly electrician can easily install it for you in a jiffy. However, there are some electric jobs that are beyond the expertise of an individual electrician, you need to get an electric contractor to do the job properly.

For example, if the electric wiring of your house is burnt, one person cannot do the job, you need to hire an electric contractor. Faced with this dilemma there is no need to despair, look for the ads in the local newspaper, or search on the internet, find a heading which says, electrical contractor New Orleans, look at the names listed and select one, which sounds promising. Do a little more research, look at the website, explore the names of the professionals listed on the website, read the references given by the satisfied customers, call him after you are satisfied that you have got the right man. The electrical contractors usually do not take small jobs, like fixing new board or a new light, they undertake big jobs like changing the wiring of a house or giving an electric connection to fix a floodlight in the backyard. Hand over the work and sit back and relax.


Top Piano Courses To Teach Mastery In Piano

Suppose a man from Mars comes to earth and wants to know what is a piano, how will you describe it to him. You will be struggling to describe what is a piano, we are so used to the piano as a musical instrument that is well known and a necessary part of music, particularly in Western music, that we will not be able to give full justice to its description. Western music, be it classical, jazz, rock, or blues is not complete without a piano.

Pianos come in many types, grand piano, or upright piano with the keyboard. It is not easy to learn to play piano, one has to learn from a trained teacher, who knows which key produces which sound and which finger needs to be used to press it. The piano teacher guides a student to use one finger, whole hand, right or left or the combination of both hands. A touch on the wrong key and the whole piece of music sounds strange and weird. So if you want to learn piano properly, you need to join top piano courses. Everyone has to start with a beginners course, even if you want to become a professional piano player or a music composer you need to join a beginner's course first, where a tutor teaches the rudimentary art learning the notes of music, fingering, and how to read the music from the music sheet. It takes hours of doing boring fingering exercise, where you keep on hitting the same key with the same finger, for hours an end, till your ears get attuned to the musical note produced by that particular key.

Once you have become familiar and comfortable with all the keys, you are allowed to play basic tunes, like Baba black sheep, or twinkle twinkle little star, before you are can play real classical piano music of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and others. To get the mastery in playing classical music, you have to become a master. As a master you can take part in a piano festival. However, before you can take part in the piano festivals you need to take music courses on the international levels, where students, who want to become professionals, music teachers and pianists who have just started their careers, take music lessons in piano. After successfully completing a master's course, you are ready to take part in one of the  famous piano festivals, at international level, where renowned piano players come from all over the world to play and compete with each other.

The list of the piano festivals is exhaustive;  some of the famous piano festivals held in Europe and America such Atlantic Music Festival, New Ross Piano Festival, and Miami Music Festival.  Pianists from all over the world perform to the delight of the audience. In the United Kingdom, two popular piano festivals are Battersea Piano Festival and the Birmingham Music Festival. The Birmingham music festival is a  competition, where experts can try to win the competition and by learning piano you can participate in any event easily.


Insure Yourself And Live A Carefree Life


Hospital expenditure is always a tricky subject to broach. They are expensive, they are time consuming and even take your savings on a roller coaster ride. It is hence always advisable and safe to be insured also in situations like these. Some policies worth knowing about are

  • Final Expense Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Final expense insurance

Your funeral bill or maybe if your family plans on going abroad to scatter your ashes. Final expense insurance is sometimes called burial insurance. Even though it does seem insane, even barebones funerals too can drill a hole in your pocket. So here's what you need to know about final expense insurance.

Final expense insurance is not the same as life insurance. Life Insurance provides monetary support for your family, post death. It gives them a level of security to insure themselves in the possibility of your demise. However, a final expense insurance deal with all of the expenses that concerns your funeral, maybe you might have a desire to have a bigger party or maybe a better casket.

Long term Care Insurance

It is a kind of insurance provided for individual above the age of 65. It is mainly adopted by elderly people who have chronic disability and require constant personal attention. Medical bills, especially those in long-term care are usually skyrocketing when it comes to payment. Nursing facilities may cost around $100 to $400 for a single week. Opting for the right, long term Care Insurance can help you in the aspect of financial aid from day one.

Guaranteed lifetime income annuity

Income annuity lets you channel a part of your retirement funds into a regular source of guaranteed income. This is done through an investment known as a single lump sum of money, or the same is done through installments based on whatever is most comfortable for you. This helps by ensuring your regular source of income liberates you from the fear of burning up your savings.

Critical illness insurance

This is an insurance policy wherein a policyholder is insured for a predetermined disease through payment of a lump sum. The policyholder is insured in case he or she is diagnosed with that predetermined disease. They are often required to go through a medical examination by specialists for diagnosis of disease.

Hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital bills in general tend to be extremely costly, even more so if you are confined within a hospital or admitted into them. Hospital indemnity Insurance of hospital insurance covers these sorts of instances, whether they are planned or unplanned. Hospital expenditure, like most other expenditures, is unavoidable, it isn't money that you can choose to spend or not. This insurance policy helps cover these expenditures and for some other expenditures that are considered as a part of it.

So, don't wait until it is too late, get insured with our insurance agents in Bolingbrook, and let us help you through the times you might have to go through, together.


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